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Spring cleaning is a very popular and a well-known task of cleaning the house to make way for the spring season. Did you know that there are essential tasks to prepare your home for winter as well? This makes fall cleaning just as important! Here at Community Lending of America, we have created and given you access to a free digital downloadable checklist of fall cleaning ideas. Keep in mind, you by no means have to complete all of them; we just wanted to give you plenty of ideas on ways you can welcome in fall by cleaning up your home. 


Wash All Windows

Use glass cleaner, or one squirt of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle filled with water, and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. If you clean them on a cloudy day, you can see streaks better.

Clean Blinds

Use a brush attachment on you vacuum for your blinds or wipe down vinyl shades with a dampened microfiber cloth.

Clean the walls.

Dust, wash, rinse, any dry painted or wood-paneled walls.

Clean ceiling-mounted light fixtures.

Vacuum and spot-clean upholstered furniture and cushions

Deep-clean if necessary.

Wipe down the kitchen cupboards.

Empty them, wash them down, replace liners (if you use them), declutter, and reorganize.

Dust off the refrigerator 

Use your vacuum’s brush attachment and gently vacuum it or wipe it down with a wet washcloth. 

Clean carpets

Have carpets professionally cleaned if needed.

Evaluate any wooden floors.

Have scratched or dull wood floors professionally scuff-sanded and recoated, or completely refinished.

Spruce up your computer.

Clean and wipe down the keyboard, and dust off the monitor with a microfiber cloth.

Straighten the closets.

Declutter and reorganize, donate any clothes you aren’t wearing regularly,

Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Or install them, if you haven’t yet.

Replace the furnace filter.

If you haven’t changed your furnace filter within the past three months- it conserves energy and enhances performance of furnace. 

Sweep the chimneys.

Have the wood-burning fireplace and stove flues and chimneys professionally inspected and swept for safety. 

Declutter and clean out the attic.

Or any storage space you use.


Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows.

Repair or replace as needed. This helps prevent any air coming in or out of the home to save money and remain energy efficient. 

Check and clean the gutters.

Clean the patio furniture.

Then store away.

Drain and store garden hoses.

Check the exterior paint.

Touch up as needed.

 Drain the pool, if applicable.

Close it up for the year.

We hope list list was helpful and inspired some cleaning that you may not have thought of.

Click here to download our fall cleaning checklist. 

Enjoy, community!