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You probably have a thousand questions, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. Here at Community Lending of America, we offer free educational workshops to learn the basics of homeownership. We cover the process of purchasing a home from start to finish. This includes getting ready to buy a home, shopping for and buying your home, getting your mortgage, closing your loan, and being a successful homeowner after the contracts are signed.

Educational articles

Episode 6 – Discount Points

Hey community! Today we’re going to talk about discount points. There’s a lot of topics going around right now about “points” and in particular “discount points”. In the mortgage world, usually it is an additional fee you are paying in order to buy an interest rate down. So for example we recently compared a loan estimate with a 3.75% fixed with $3,000-4,000 in fees for discount points. The client thought this was a great deal, but we were able to get this down to a lower interest rate with NO POINTS. This is an important thing to look into. Interested in learning more? Just watch the video!

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Episode 5 – Cash Out Refinance

Hey community! Today we’re going to talk about cash out refinancing. A lot of clients are constantly wanting to know: “What is a cash out refinance?” This is where we pay off your existing loan, give you a new loan, a higher loan amount, and you get cash-in-hand to reinvest, pay off higher interest rate credit cards, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do but right now equity is at an all-time high while interest rates are at an all time now. So really there has never been a better time for a cash out refinance. Interested in learning more? Just watch the video!

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