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Ann Richardson – A Vetted VA™ Professional

Ann Richardson has been a Senior Mortgage Advisor at Community Lending of America for over a decade. As licensed loan officer in both Kansas and Missouri she has assisted clients with the application process by analyzing each individual’s situation, discussing the options available and plans for obtaining goals of ownership. She works closely with agents and clients both, providing excellent customer service and communicating through the entire process-from the first phone call to the closing table.

Ann loves her job and her team at CLA. She enjoys working with people and appreciates that each situation is unique. She enjoys working with first time home buyers, those looking to refinance, purchase vacation homes, investment properties, or any residential purchase. She has been consistently rated a Five Star Professional in her field and a Vetted VA Loan Officer in the states of Kansas and Missouri with extensive training, education and experience on VA loans and assisting Veterans.

Ann has her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. Her and her husband spend their time outdoors, going on motorcycle rides, listening to music, and spending time with their friends, family and dogs.

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Ready to get pre-approved or get started with a Refinance?

Ready to get pre-approved or get started with a Refinance?

Kevin Fisk is a Senior Mortgage Advisor for Community Lending of America and a Vetted VA approved Loan Officer for the states of Kansas and Missouri. This honorable status comes with extreme knowledge of VA home loan benefits. Kevin can provide the best service and loan terms to Veterans and their families. He is also a specialist for those who are looking to obtain a home loan for purchase or refinance.

Kevin has impeccable customer service and will explore all possible options in order to properly determine what loan option best fits his client’s specific situation. He enjoys being able to help make someone’s dream come true by guiding them through the mortgage process. Kevin is honored that he is allowed the opportunity to help people with major financial decisions and he makes sure that they get the guidance they deserve. He prioritizes staying on top of the ever-changing guidelines in the mortgage industry.

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Ann Richardson

Ann Richardson

Mortgage Advisor


NMLS# 1401364

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Jeremy and Ann are just an amazing team! They worked hard to ensure that I got the best deal possible on my new house, and were there with me every step of the process. If you’re looking for a team that goes to bat FOR you, is genuine & honest, and just some of the friendliest people you’ve ever met, look no further! Would rate 10 stars if possible, you all are rock stars!

Garret Giles

April 2024

Jeremy Marks and Ann Richardson are your dream lending team. Kind, responsive, realistic, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with the whole Marks Mortgage Team. I can’t thank them enough for making the mortgage loan portion of this stressful real estate market the easiest part of the process. They truly went the extra mile and I look forward to working with them again when I refinance after the market hopefully cools a bit.

Stefanie Estes

March 2024

Every chance I get to highlight this amazing organization, I will pause life to share my story. Through the hardwork and dedication of the team at Community Lending of America, my family has a HOME! No greater feeling than to FINALLY tell my youngest daughter, yes you can paint your room in whatever color you want. Thankful, grateful, and blessed beyond words.

Jerrell Morton

October 2021

If you are looking to Finance a home thru the VA, Jeremy and Kevin are the two you need to talk to. We finally went under contract on a home and initially went with a different lender. The correspondence with them was e-mails and text messages very impersonal. I was given contact info for Community lending and it was the best call I made during the process. Jeremy and Kevin were honest and in constant communication with me walking me thru the many processes in a VA loan. If I had not switched to Community Lending we never would have closed on time. I highly recommend them for lending needs. Can’t thank them enough.

James Schwartz

November 2020

I don’t know where to begin to express how amazing Kevin Fisk at Community Lending is.Long story. My husband is a Veteran and a small business owner, I am a school nurse.

In the year of 2020 and a pandemic, where everything that could go wrong and has, we needed to buy a home.We have worked with a total of four lenders in a year long process. The first lender went on vacation for 7 days, 2 days prior to closing and did not finish documents for underwriting. We lost the house. The second lender, “the wolf, the cleaner” decided that he was too busy with refi’s and easy home loans that he no longer wanted to work with us because our loan process was much more difficult. It took him four months to make that decision. The third lender was on it. We were told this is easy, you will close no problem just go find your perfect home. That was easier said than done. During the Covid pandemic, EVERYONE wanted to move, and lenders are much more strict and scrutinizing.We finally found our home! We had to wait to close for 60 days due to the seller building their home, which was no problem for us. On the day of closing, we finished our walk through, headed to the bank to get the cashier’s check for final closing costs, and I was notified that this lender could no longer fund our home loan. We received that devastating phone call at 11:30am when we were scheduled to close at 2 pm. Devastated, angry, and confused does not begin to express what we were feeling. The reason it failed… We are a small business owner during a pandemic needing a VA loan. The due diligence we were guaranteed was not honored and adding insult to injury, this lender gave our information and documents to a ‘friend of his” before ever notifying us that we would not be closing on our home.

Enter Duke Frye, my God send of a realtor and Kevin Fisk, a guardian angel. Duke referred us to Kevin. He had worked with him before on difficult home loans and trusted him. Kevin contacted me 1 hour after receiving that horrible news. The only promise he made… I will do everything I can, I will be honest with you, and if we can’t do it now; we will come up with a plan to do it in the near future. He kept his word.

It took 14 days due to a holiday. Several long conversations to help us better understand the process, and a man with integrity who kept his word. He became as invested in this process as we were and he worked tirelessly to help us close on our dream home.

We will FOREVER be grateful to Kevin and his team. We will refer him to everyone and I will only work with him in the future. With sincerest of gratitude, Thank you Kevin. If there are awards given in your industry, you deserve the highest of accolades, and a ginormous raise. You are an asset to Community lending and more importantly, to people like my husband and myself.

Thank you so much for all of your time, effort and integrity.

Nicola Pistone

November 2020

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