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SOAR Special Needs, established by Stephen “Doc” Hunsley M.D., is dedicated to supporting families with special needs members, aiding them in overcoming obstacles and flourishing in their communities.

These families face considerable challenges, and SOAR is committed to mitigating these hardships, ensuring a promising future for all. Special needs individuals constitute an integral part of our society, and their families’ efforts towards securing their prosperous future are equally significant. Hence, SOAR emphasizes the provision of essential resources to facilitate their growth and development.

Over the years, SOAR has been instrumental in providing families with opportunities for respite and rejuvenation, ranging from date nights to summer camps and training programs for volunteers. However, their mission goes beyond immediate relief. SOAR aspires to facilitate a sustainable future for these individuals, ensuring they are gainfully employed, have suitable living arrangements, and are actively participating in daily life.

The organization’s core ethos is encapsulated in the three primary concerns of special needs families: their child’s ability for self-sustenance, the child’s welfare post their departure, and their own need for support as caregivers. SOAR exists to address these pertinent issues and ensure a fulfilling life for special needs individuals and their families. A significant aspect of SOAR’s operations is its robust volunteer community. Unlike other organizations, SOAR offers diverse opportunities for volunteers to contribute, tailored to their unique skills, abilities, and passions.

Every summer SOAR Special Needs offers a week-long day camp for all individuals with special needs, ages 3 years and older. They offer a camp in-person at two locations in the Kansas City metro, from 9am – 4pm Monday through Friday. This year’s SOAR Camp theme is Camp SOARLand, a family game night! Campers will participate in a variety of activities throughout the day including crafts, outdoor games, sensory, storytime, calming worship, missions, and more as they journey to SOARLand!

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