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In a world where the challenges faced by veterans often go unnoticed, Providing for Our Veterans (P4OV) shines as a beacon of hope and support. Founded by military veteran Toya Harris in 2020, P4OV emerged from a heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of her fellow veterans and transitioning active-duty military members. This nonprofit organization, affectionately known as P4OV, has been dedicated to filling the gaps in resources, transportation, and career development for veterans ever since. Join us in exploring the inspiring journey, mission, and services offered by P4OV.

Their History: A Journey of Compassion

Toya Harris, a military veteran herself, couldn’t ignore the sight of her comrades in arms struggling on the streets with homelessness. The realization that she could have faced the same predicament stirred her to action. In 2019, Toya began working for a nonprofit organization serving veteran clients, where she uncovered a significant missing link. Veterans were often provided with opportunities for self-sufficiency, but many lacked the tailored resources, job support, and transportation essential for their individual needs. It was this gap that became the driving force behind P4OV.

With the unwavering support of her husband and business partner, Jamal Harris, Toya set out to establish an organization that would bridge this critical gap between veterans and the resources required for sustainability. In 2020, Providing for Our Veterans was born, with a mission to empower veterans and transitioning active-duty military members by connecting them with the tools and support they need to prevent homelessness.

Their Mission: A Holistic Approach to Empowerment

The mission of P4OV is clear and unwavering: to help veterans and transitioning active-duty military members find local resources for self-sufficiency and preventative care options through a holistic approach. P4OV achieves this mission by offering a range of essential services:

Referrals: P4OV provides referrals to all veterans and their families who seek assistance.

Transportation: The organization offers transportation to and from approved essential locations, ensuring veterans can access the services they need.

Housing: P4OV works closely with local housing programs and landlords to help veterans find both transitional and permanent housing solutions.

Career Development: P4OV assists veterans with resume development, job enhancement skills, job search strategies, and advanced training to improve employment opportunities.

Comprehensive Support: P4OV serves veterans and transitioning members from all branches of the U.S. Military, ensuring no one is left behind.

Our Services & Resources: Empowering Veterans at Every Step

P4OV understands that veterans’ needs are diverse, and their services reflect this understanding:

Employment: P4OV maintains a database of employers with veteran hiring programs, as well as other employment opportunities.

Housing: They collaborate with local housing programs and landlords to secure suitable housing options.

Medical Treatment: P4OV assists veterans in locating VA medical facilities for essential appointments.

Education: They help veterans find educational programs of interest and navigate resources like the G.I. Bill and Post 9-11 information.

Health Insurance: P4OV provides guidance on completing and filing health insurance documentation.

Resume Writing: Whether refining an existing resume or creating one from scratch, P4OV is there to help veterans shine on paper.

Disability Information: P4OV supports veterans in understanding disability claims and finding local Veteran Service Officers.

Vocational Rehabilitation: They assist veterans in learning about vocational rehab qualifications and requirements.

Transportation: P4OV offers transportation to approved locations, ensuring veterans can access vital resources for sustainability.

Providing for Our Veterans, or P4OV, stands as a testament to the power of compassion, dedication, and community support. Founded by a military veteran who understands the struggles firsthand, P4OV is committed to ensuring that no veteran faces homelessness or a lack of resources alone. By providing holistic support, bridging gaps, and connecting veterans with the services they need, P4OV is making a profound difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our country. To learn more about P4OV or to support their mission, visit their website, and be a part of this remarkable journey of empowerment and hope.

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