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We are thrilled to be featuring The Father’s Club in this month’s Community Minute. They are a dad-led, grass roots effort promoting intentionally around dads’ relationships and time spent with their families, with each other and within the community. The hope is that such intention will help empower parents to be a catalyst for change in the areas of mental health, teen suicide, substance abuse, technology addiction, self-worth, anxiety and stronger families.

Core Values

The Father’s Club recruits its leadership with those who identify personally with our culture.  Finding dads who fit is one of the most important components of creating a compelling culture that lasts.  The Father’s Club culture isn’t just lived by its leaders, they want all who come in contact with them to experience their servant leadership culture.  Their process focuses on the following core values:

  • Others First
  • Personal Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Work Together
  • Accountability
  • Lead Courageously


Stances on Political and/or Cultural Wars

The Father’s Club desires to ensure that they are loving and impactful in their communities.  They want to help kids, dads, and communities be everything that they can be.  It is a much higher calling than any political or cultural war that’s being waged.

The Father’s Club is about fathers making a difference.  They are fathers and they are supportive of fatherhood.  They have the desire to do anything they can to strengthen families and they are committed to it.

The Father’s Club is open to partnering with organizations that are impactful and authentic.  Partnering with any organization will be the determination of the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee.



Join The Father’s Club at 10am on Friday, September 8th for their 14th annual Mission Cup golf tournament! You can register to participate at They have excellent prizes for the top teams and the Mission Cup trophy for the winners. Then, join for the Mission Cup afterparty at 6pm on Saturday, September 9th at Chicken-N-Pickle on 135th street in Overland Park. Enjoy a full buffet dinner, an open bar, raffle, online auction and golf prizes. All proceeds from this weekend go to supporting the mission of The Father’s Club.


Donate / Support

To learn more information about how you can volunteer or participate in the upcoming golf tournament, visit! To donate, visit Use the Donate Button to make a general contribution to Father’s Club. School specific donation links are farther down the page. All donations are processed through our secure payment processing company called APLOS.

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