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We are thrilled to be featuring the Pet Resource Center of Kansas City in this month’s Community Minute. Pet Resource Center of Kansas City has been around since 2002. In that time they’ve helped more than 500,000 animals with everything from vaccines and spay/neuter to emergency surgery and parvo treatment. Although they are not a full-service clinic, KRCKC exists to provide a broad range of services for economically disadvantaged families who love their pets, including:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Vaccines
  • Urgent and dental care
  • Pet food pantry
  • Parasite treatment and prevention
  • Outreach in the community to provide resources, information and support

Their mission is to decrease pet homelessness, increase pet retention and improve the quality of life for pets through education and supportive services for families in need.

Core Values

Their commitment to the community begins with their commitment to each other. These core values reflect that dedication to one another, their service to pets and people, and passion for their mission.

Be Helpful.

They are driven by a desire to help and create positive outcomes for all pets by providing non-judgmental support and collaborating with other organizations.

Build Trust.

PRCKC is committed to being a safe and trusted resource for the community to ensure that no one is denied the love of an animal due to limited resources.

Be Compassionate.

Their positive and supportive environment reflects how they care for the wellbeing of pets and people, as well as each other. PRCKC is dedicated to making a difference in every community they serve, every day.

Get Involved

With the support of the community, they are able to see and help over 200 pets per day, many of whom could not afford care anywhere else.

When people with pets are in need and have nowhere else to turn, PRCKC is here to help.

Whether it’s a spay/neuter for a family struggling to make ends meet, vaccines to protect a beloved pet, an emergency surgery, or life-saving parvo treatment for a puppy, your support helps them say “yes.”

To learn more about PRCKC, or how you can donate resources or time, please visit

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