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No one budgets for cancer and it is this reality that drives the Supporting Kids Foundation. Founded in 2009 by neighbors and friends in Lenexa Kansas, they are an all-volunteer organization committed to helping Kansas City area families battle childhood cancer by making sure the parents stay focused on the child and not worrying if bills are piling up at home. Over the years they have helped families with a wide variety of needs, including housing and general assistance, utilities, auto, repairs, travel, funerals and more. 

How They Do It

Through the generosity of local businesses and donors, Supporting Kids Foundation is able to provide assistance and hope to Kansas City area families. Each year they host 3 major events: a golf tournament, a poker tournament, and a ‘Hearts of Gold’ gala. Please join them at these events and encourage local businesses to partner as an event sponsor or donor. Find more information about their events here!

What They’ve Done

To date, the Supporting Kids Foundation has helped over 800 families, giving over $3 million dollars of support to families battling childhood cancer. To get a family’s perspective on their impact, please click here to watch the Weber’s story.


If you are inspired like we are, here at Community Lending of America, by the support that Supporting Kids Foundation gives to families battling childhood cancer in the Kansas City area, then please consider donating to aid in all the work they are doing. By donating to the Supporting Kids Foundation, they are able to serve more families, helping parents stay focused on their child during this unexpected and challenging season.

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