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Kids & Cars KC is a not-for-profit that was started in March of 2022. The founder’s son, Trey, has Cerebral Palsy and loved going to car shows. While at the shows, he would play with hot wheels and other kids would join him. They saw a need for a connecting point between disabled kids and the car community and launched Kids & Cars KC. Their mission is to do just that, to bring kids and the car community together to show and share the love of cars. They encourage all-inclusive car meets and shows, especially with the focus on the kids’ inclusivity.

They receive help currently from several sponsors including Home U Heating and Cooling, and Farmers Insurance. If you would like to learn more information, you can join their Facebook group, just search ‘Kids and Cars KC’. You can also visit their website, Here you will find information about all kinds of car shows and how to get kids involved.

This past year, Kids & Cars KC attended the Special Olympics car show and due to their promotion of the event, the number of cars in attendance tripled from previous years.

They are so grateful for the car community and all their supporters who continue supporting their mission.

How to Help

At Community Lending of America, we are excited to highlight this amazing organization. If you would like to help with Kids and Car’s mission to connect disabled kids and the car community in Kansas City, you can get involved by donating to their GoFundMe here,, or learn more information by visiting their website, or by visiting their Facebook page.

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