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Hillcrest Hope

Hillcrest Hope is a local, nonprofit that provides the opportunity of housing and stability to those in need. The Beltzer family started Hillcrest Hope, located in Liberty Missouri in 1978 after experiencing the threat of homelessness due to job loss themselves. Due to the support that they received, they wanted to be able to give back to people in the community facing similar struggles. They founded Hillcrest Hope with the mission of empowering the homeless and working poor to achieve personal independence through transition housing, accountability, education and community support. Their vision is to be a community where all people have the basic necessities of life including food, clothing, and housing. A community where all people can stand on their own with dignity and provide for their families.

Hillcrest Hope provides services that fill in the gap until families can stand on their own. Their rigorous programs provide accountability paired with support to help working poor families and individuals find a new beginning of stability. Three of their programs include, Hope Essentials, Hope Opportunities and Hope Solutions.

Hope Essentials

Hope Essentials provides transitional housing that is rent-free, utility-free, temporary housing. Each family works hard to pay off debt, save money and learn valuable life skills. Staff and community volunteers partner with each family to set goals and gain the resources necessary to move into a home of their own at the end of the three-month program. They provide each family with a two bedroom, fully furnished, apartment. The program is based upon high accountability and families are required to live on all needs and no wants. Each adult in the household must have a full-time job or be actively seeking full-time employment. Families are required to attend weekly meetings, including case management, budget counseling, life skills and community living.

Hope Opportunities

The Hillcrest Hope Opportunities program encourages graduates to participate in community engagement, self-improvement, and other positive activities both for themselves and their children with incentives that continue to provide support and stability. Graduates are eligible to participate in the Opportunities program for five years following their Hillcrest Hope graduation. Points are earned and reported to be redeemed for benefits, like financial assistance for gas, childcare, rent, and other essentials.

Hope Solutions

Hope Solutions is a 6 month eviction prevention program commitment. An eviction notice or shut-off notice is not required for this program. Families in Hope Solutions can gain stability while remaining in their own home with coaching, guidance, rent/mortgage and utility assistance based on program participation. Hillcrest Hope also has a thrift store that supports the transformation happening every day at Hillcrest Hope. All proceeds from the Thrift Store exclusively support Hillcrest Hope, raising funds for these families in Clay County. Store donations contribute to the practical needs of the families during their stay in the program, as well as aid the families in setting up their homes upon graduation.

Here at Community Lending of America we are excited to be partnering with Hillcrest Hope and their annual back to school event on August 7th! Come join us from 1-4 at Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store parking lot in Liberty, Missouri! 100 backpacks will be given out during this event along with free food, live music and family fun. Come spend the afternoon with us and Hillcrest Hope to learn more about what they’re doing to help the community and ways that you can come alongside them and help as well.