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Midwest Adaptive Sports

Midwest Adaptive Sports is a non-profit organization that focuses on positively impacting the lives of those with physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral challenges through adaptive recreational and competitive sports. Some of the competitive sports that they offer include wheelchair basketball, softball, rugby and football. Their adaptive recreation activities include, adaptive skateboarding and snowsports. They offer hope, encouragement and the ability to achieve to people with a wide range of abilities.

Midwest Adaptive Sports empowers athletes and enables them to grow physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Their mission is to provide therapeutic recreational and competitive sports programs for individuals with disabilities. Their objective is to have fun, build independence, self-esteem, confidence, physical development and socialization. They strive to enhance active participation in all aspect of the community by promoting the concept of ability through integration, public awareness and education. They seek to empower individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral challenges to positively impact their lives and provide the chance for those persons to gain independence, confidence and dignity through sports recreation and competition.

The volunteers of Midwest Adaptive Sports play an instrumental part in raising awareness and compassion for the goals and the individuals of MAS. Seeing an athlete overcome the challenges of sports with a big smile on their faces is a satisfaction worth feeling as a volunteer. When you volunteer you get the opportunity for a greater understanding and acceptance of diversity that can only be learned through the personal interactions and long-lasting friendships that are developed with athletes.

Lives are changed through the richness of experiences at Midwest Adaptive Sports and volunteering is an experience worth having. One way to support Midwest Adaptive Sports is by signing up to volunteer your time. No previous experience is needed and they are always looking for more individuals and organizations to help.

Another way to help support Midwest Adaptive Sports is through sponsorship. Their sponsors and partners are the lifeblood to their organization. Through financial support, they are able to maintain, improve and grow their programs to continue to meet the needs of the community that Midwest Adaptive Sports serve.

We love seeing organizations like Midwest Adaptive Sports serve the community around us and we want to be able to highlight their vision so that more people can join their mission and be a helping hand to the great work they are doing.