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Dream Factory

The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City is a local non-profit that is dedicated to making dreams come true for critically or chronically ill children in our area. It is run 100 percent by volunteers whose mission is to grant dreams and bring a smile to children’s faces. The Dream Factory is dedicated to bringing hope and helping create memories for children and their families who live each day not knowing what the future may bring.

They have granted over 1,200 dreams and raised over 2.5 million dollars to support those dreams since 1985. Their mission is to create smiles on the faces of children who are either seriously or chronically ill, to promote a better family atmosphere during great times of suffering. The desire to include the whole country in the pleasure of granting dreams to children and raise the funds necessary to provide dreams instead of refusing them. Their goal is to grant 100 dreams per year and create many smiles for a child’s lifetime.

The Dream Factory’s mission would be impossible without the continued support of the individuals and businesses of the Greater Kansas City community. Their volunteers are their most valuable resource. They dedicate themselves to making every dream a uniquely special experience for deserving dream children. They also rely on the generous financial contributions from fundraising opportunities and one time donations. Many local businesses, large and small, partner with the Dream Factory to provide valuable financial support. These donations have helped grant thousands of dreams.

The Dream Factory is an all-volunteer organization and the volunteers are essential in advancing the mission of serving children. There are a variety of ways you can get involved with the organization, from serving on a committee to helping out at our many special events and fundraising opportunities. The Dream Factory encourages volunteers to bring their unique talents and interests to the organization so that their experience will be just as personally rewarding as it is for the children they serve.

Some volunteers choose to become Certified Dream Managers which is a special volunteer role that plays an integral part in making a child’s dream a reality. Once a child has been approved for a dream, the Dream Manager works directly with the child and his or her family, taking care of all the arrangements to make it happen. The Greater Kansas City Dream Factory is fortunate to have such a strong network of volunteers and supporters who never cease to amaze in fulfilling even the most challenging dream requests. There are many ways that you, your family and friends or your company can support the efforts of the Dream Factory to make dreams come true. For more information please contact Elaine, the Director of Volunteers at [email protected].

We love highlighting organizations like The Dream Factory who are doing their part to create a community that sees a need and does something about it. Join us in supporting them in any way that you can, whether that is volunteering or providing financial support.