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Down Syndrome Innovations

Down Syndrome Innovations, which was formerly known as Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, was founded in 1984 by a group of parents that wanted to support families that were experiencing the birth of a child with down syndrome. Their vision to support was guided by their desire to see their kids happy, healthy, thriving in community, all while being empowered and encouraged. They have developed a portfolio that encompasses a broad range of ways to support those with Down syndrome and their families. Furthermore, this portfolio is replicated by other Down syndrome organizations all around the United States resulting in countless positive outcomes. Down Syndrome Innovations is currently recognized as one of the leading Down syndrome organizations in the world! They serve all ages and empower those with Down syndrome to live life to their fullest potential.


Vision and values

Down Syndrome Innovations’ vision is to “serve as the expert resource and lead community mobilizers, sharing knowledge and creating solutions for people with Down syndrome.” Their values are, community, innovation, individuality, passion and trust. They live out their value of community by promoting meaningful connections in everything they do. They practice innovation by thinking broadly and boldly in pursuit of excellence. They value individuality by seeing the unique potential of every person. Their passion shows through their deep and personal commitment to making a difference. Lastly, they show trust by working collaboratively to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.



Down Syndrome Innovations provides numerous resources with family needs in mind. They not only keep their resources accurate and up to date, but they provide them for every age and stage so that everyone feels supported. Not only do their resources empower but they educate. Schools, employers, therapy centers, family or community members can access tools and information to support individuals with Down syndrome. They also provide resources for medical professionals to equip them to serve their patients well. Last, they seek to partner with governing bodies stretching locally to nationwide to ensure their members’ rights and opportunities are protected. They advocate to preserve or proactively develop opportunities in instances where they don’t already exist.



They host many events around the Kansas City area as a way to welcome expectant or new parents, educate and raise awareness, create fun and meaningful spaces for individuals with Down syndrome, covering all ages, or fundraise. Check out all of their events by following this link.



If you were inspired like we were, here at Community Lending of America, by the support, education and advocacy that Down Syndrome Innovations provides to the Kansas City area and beyond, please consider donating to aid in all the work they are doing. By supporting Down Syndrome Innovations, they are able to serve more families, expand their programs and better meet the needs of people with Down syndrome.