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Hello Community!
Once a month, for the remainder of 2021, we are going to be spotlighting a local, non-profit organization that is making a difference in our community. Our hope in spotlighting these local organizations is to not only bring them more support but to focus on the good going on around us. As we all know there are many negative things we could focus on and while it is good to stay informed, we want to dwell on the positive and help our community do the same. We love seeing people using their skills to make a difference in the world we live in and that is exactly what our first spotlight is doing.
Care Beyond the Boulevard was founded by KK Assmann. Her dream was conceived when she was working as a nurse in a hospital and noted the high number of homeless people that would come through the hospital every day. When she became certified as a nurse practitioner, she set a goal to outreach to the urban poor and homeless. In 2016 she started volunteering at the Micah Ministry Food Kitchen while she was working at Family Health Care. It was during this time that she created Care Beyond the Boulevard.
Care Beyond the Boulevard started as a volunteer based medical clinic out of the back of a pickup truck. The goal was to deliver high quality healthcare to the homeless and other people who lacked access to healthcare. Through commitment and consistency, they developed a rapport with the vulnerable community. By 2017 they had registered over 900 patients, treating everything from chronic illnesses to frostbite. They grew from a pickup truck, to a school bus that has been converted into a fully functional mobile clinic and have now cared for over 2000 patients!

If you would like to support this local non-profit, you can do so by donating your time, money, or specific supplies. Care Beyond the Boulevard’s website provides updated information on the things they need from bus drivers to blankets. They have a donate button in the top right corner and a link to sign up to volunteer. They have continued to help the community through this pandemic and we think it would be amazing if we could continue to support them!

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